Fine Esoteric Books and Images

Friday, May 9, 2014

A fruitful spring to our readers!

In the coming weeks we will formally announce Hands of Apostasy, our witchcraft anthology edited by Michael Howard and Daniel A. Schulke. Featuring essays by 18 authors, its focus on historical and traditional witchcraft will be sure to please both scholars of witchcraft and practitioners alike. Included will be essays by Cecil Williamson, Jimmy Elwing, David Rankine, Lee Morgan, and Raven Grimassi, as well as a previously-unpublished article by Andrew Chumbley. The numerous original illustrations were executed by our own Timo Ketola, and add an eldritch fascination to the text.  

36 Faces, Austin Coppock’s book on the Decans, is now available for pre-order. Originating in Egypt, this astrological system of image-symbols for 10-degree divisions of the zodiac has long been used as an essential component of magic, even up to the present day by luminaries such as Aleister Crowley. Check out Austin's blog to read more about the magical applications of the Decanic image system.

In the final phases of production, the release of Gemma Gary’s Wisht Waters will begin shipping May 26. We know that many of you are eager for this text, and we are grateful for your patience as we put the finishing touches on this release. As perhaps the most complete book treating the subject of water-magic, it will find a welcome home in the libraries of scholars of folklore and students of the occult sciences alike.

We recently announced a limited edition of T-shirts showcasing the artwork of James Dunk as reimagined by Patricia Cram. This garment was designed to showcase the distressed beauty of water-based ink, and its centerpiece is Dunk’s striking rendition of Tartaros, the abyss of primeval chaos, here emblazoned with serpents and arranged around the terrible gaze. Normally reserved only for our book launches, a small quantity remains, and we are making these available to interested parties; contact us at

Friday, January 24, 2014

We at Three Hands Press wish a Happy New Year to our esteemed readers. 2013 was a prolific and successful time for our press, and 2014 holds even more promise, with new titles forthcoming from Austin Coppock, Andrew D. Chumbley, Martin Duffy, and Peter Hamilton-Giles. We extend our thanks to the many authors, artists and creative collaborators who worked hard to expand our catalogue.

All standard editions of Daniel A. Schulke's Idolatry Restor'd, (pictured above) have been shipped as of today. The book was printed on the same heavy archival stock as Joseph Uccello's Occlith Omniform 0, which melds well with our chosen lithographic inks and presents a sensual appearance and touch. Delays at the mill which manufactures this hard-to-find product held back production. Deluxe and Special editions are currently in the hand bindery, to be shipped to our customers on or before February 15.

Standard hardcover editions of August Alm’s Tartaros have now shipped. Deluxe editions will begin shipping January 31, with special editions to follow a week later. Congratulations to August for his powerful work, which we are honored to carry in our catalogue. 

Due to our busy holiday schedule, the release of Gemma Gary’s monograph Wisht Waters has been delayed until February 28. We ask your patience as production continues. Your fortitude will surely be rewarded!

It is our honor to make mention of notably inspiring events and projects from our retinue of artists. Benjamin Vierling's work will be the subject of an upcoming exhibition entitled Benjamin Vierling: A Decennary Retrospective. A number of Benjamin’s works will be featured in the exhibition, including Sacred Heart, which was released as a Three Hands Press limited edition print. The opening reception for the show took place on Friday, January 17, 2014, from 6pm-8pm in the Steele Gallery at the Gage Academy of Art in Seattle, Washington. Benjamin discussed his techniques, influences and working processes in a concurrent lecture, 'The Synthesis of Conflicting Forces'. The exhibition is onghoing until Valentines Day. Be sure to check out our own Three Hands Gallery, as Benjamin’s work is occasionally made available.

Our handbinder Klaus-Ullrich Rötzscher has launched his Florentine Collections, a new line of fine, handcrafted journals and other accessories of the arts of writing and correspondence. Klaus’s work stems from years of tradition and dedicated practice, resulting in objects of great artistry. We recommend a look at his handsome collection.

Liv Rainey Smith, with whom we've collaborated on books such as Children of Cain and Arcanum Bestiarum, now has a new website showcasing her original woodblock prints. Her esoteric animalia and other works from her portfolio can be viewed and purchased at Our hearty congratulations to Liv for this vital and dynamic web presence whose eldritch  design is worthy of her work. 

For those who are part of our private subscriber list, stay tuned in the near future for announcements regarding new offerings for Three Hands Press.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Three Hands Press is delighted to announce two new names to our family of authors and artists. We welcome new author Gemma Gary, whose work on folk magic and witchcraft will be known to some of our readership. Gemma has contributed a new book to our Three Hands Press Occult Monographs. Wisht Waters, number 5 in the series, examines the body of magic, lore, and belief attached to the holy wells of the British Isles. She is also writing a longer stand-alone volume for release in 2014. A profuse illustrator, we are doubly blessed to have Gemma's artwork appear in these volumes. More of Gemma's work can be found at Troy Books.

Three Hands has also signed the artist Raven Ebner, whose Surreal Macabre images have appeared in a number of high-profile contexts, and may be found at her website Raven's art will be showcased in a forthcoming book treating certain disturbing themes of witchcraft, also slated for publication in 2014. Selected works have also been featured in the occult journal Clavis Volume 2, and will be exhibited at that book's official book launch in Los Angeles, November 16. Congratulations and warm greetings to Raven, we look forward to working with you! 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Standard hardcover copies of Peter Hamilton-Giles new book The Afflicted Mirror, are now shipping to all who ordered. The deluxe and special editions of this title are currently at the bindery, to ship in mid to late November. The Afflicted Mirror is illustrated  by Carolyn Hamilton-Giles with many haunting images apropos its subject, and concerns the distortion of form as a magical rubric of spirit-presence. The themes of the book are discussed in a recent interview with Mr. Hamilton-Giles, conducted by Daniel A. Schulke. Congratulations, Peter and Carolyn, for contributing with another potent and beautiful magical treatise to our literary catalogue.

Those who were not able to order a special full turquoise leather edition of The Afflicted Mirror during our pre-order season are asked to contact Alan or Patricia at, as a few unsubscribed copies remain.

Deluxe scarlet leather editions of Fredrik Eytzinger's recent book Salomonic Magical Arts arrive today and will begin shipping on Monday, October 21. The title Idolatry Restor'd is delayed until late November due to a paper shortage at the mill.