The Occult Reliquary

Images and Artefacts of the Richel-Edlermans Collection

With an Introduction by Graham King

The Occult Reliquary concerns the Richel-Eldermans Collection, an archive of some 2,000 magical images and artifacts housed in the Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle, Cornwall.

Situated at the crossroads of erotic magic, ceremonial angelic conjuration, and witchcraft, the images comprise, in part, a pictorial cipher of the rituals of Ars Amatoria, a European magical order using sex magic, and the lesser-known M∴M∴, based in the Hague and Leiden. Also referenced among the collection are materials relating to A∴A∴ of Aliester Crowley.



The transfixing procession of images, charms, magical seals, and ritual objects in the Collection is the work of multiple artists, and displays a high degree of magical insight and creativity. It will be of interest to students of witchcraft, Freemasonry, the Goetia, sex magic, and early twentieth century occultism.

The Reliquary presents for the first time a selection of these magical images, many reproduced at full scale, and bound with the highest quality materials. The book is 224 pages, with over 275 illustrations, 130 of which are in full colour. Printed in large-format on archival paper, it was released in three editions:

  • A Special Edition in full morocco and slipcase, limited to 100 copies now SOLD OUT.
  • A Deluxe Edition in quarter morocco and slipcase, limited to 250 copies is SOLD OUT.
  • A Standard Edition in cloth, limited to 700 copies is SOLD OUT.


Special Edition : Sold Out
Deluxe Edition : Sold Out
Standard Edition : Sold Out